Guelb Richat

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Rock and Wind (Guelb Richat) The wind and the stone came face to face. Pitched in a mighty battle, only time can trace. Flying over the big birds! Over the ages, this story to us told. The war between heavy weights, a war of wits, and words. The Rock spoke-“ Rock- solid I stand you are but air Turn back, you’ll fail, the likes of you I do not fear. Blow hot, blow old, go on, keep trying; I shall stand like a monument, I have strength divine”. The Wind answered- “Do not give yourself airs for that is all mine, Bow down, lie low, for you will never stand the test of time. You will falter, fall, whither and erode, Into grains of sand will turn this fortress of yours”. Through generations of birds, this story was passed on, This tale of a fierce duel of strength and character. Passed on from generation to generation The birds whispered, the mighty winds howled and the indomitable rock scowled. Such is the tale of this land Set in stone, we see, as above it we stand. A poem by Rubina Anjum