Poetry for Planet Earth Series

Mother Earth

A Poem by Rubina Anjum

Our one and only home in alien space,
Cherish, honor, respect and care for it blue, brown and white floating in dark giant vastness of space.
Majestic and alone for billions of miles
A care taker of billions of lives.
We never sing enough praises of its greatness,
We never talk of caring for it like it cares for us It harbors us selflessly,
But when it suffers neglect and desecration,
It responds in subtle ways;
It folds up the carpet under our feet it turns everything upside down
Stirs up hurricanes, whips up tornadoes
It melts glacier, it dries up rivers and fertile lands,
Blazes forest fires that destroy its lungs.
We poked a hole in its cloak
How can we expect to be protected from the element now?
We can fix things
We have to take action to stop the downward spiral of this environmental decline.
Ring the alarm, spread the word before no more stories can be heard.


Bombetoka Bay

A Poem by Rubina Anjum


"A Puzzler Poem"
Flowing to the sea
Hiding more than you can see It’s a reef above the sea
Multicolored, multifarious entities
Delta on the face of it, another face concealed in the green seas
Within the coral you can find a tail of refinement and a tale of elegance.
A bashful but beautiful creature akin to humankind, its story maybe ours from the beginning of time.
In an abode of splendor with companions playful and kind.
The life of the reef on the delta you will see
Under a magnifying glass, larger than life.
At home in the primordial substance, the initiator of all life.
In the wild, in the natural state a mythical being of fairy tales.
At the river’s end and the beginning of the sea.

It is screened by the green, now enough clues to you have been given for you the task is to guess the underlying beyond what can be seen


Nubian Desert

A Poem by Rubina Anjum

The cauldron brews the gold for some
Brilliant yellow gold!
Emerging from the pot of unnatural heat; unnatural greed.
triggering the march of sands.
Walking hand in hand, the destructive forces
the sparks of avarice, smoldering cinders of mighty forest lands.
Trees that provided breath to many a creatures
now desperately giving its last hug
trying in vain to protect.
Gaping mouths, wailing mothers.
gasping for breath, blown in the wind
turning into ghosts
Ruthless eye vain and smug,
drunk with gold; looks on impassively
unmoved, high in its castle of artificial lungs
Towers touch the skies above the fire & smoke.
The towers built with smelted gold from the cauldron.
Apparently high enough and far enough from the wreckage
caused by the cinders.
Sooner or later the collapse closes in.
starts affecting cities of the inner ring
The lava flow flooding the strong holds;
burning, stripping, breaking , inundating.
Look to the left cool blue waters you will behold
Search deeper into the recesses of your souls
you will find purity and subterranean seas that will save the trees that help us
Be brave, pass the decree
The gold you seek, will kill us all surely.
Stop the senseless excavation, stop the carbon burning.
Ride on the wings of reusable energy, its torch will take all humanity to untold

riches of the universe, so urge the discerning.


Rock and Wind (Guelb Richat)

A Poem by Rubina Anjum

The wind and the stone came face to face.
Pitched in a mighty battle, only time can trace.
Flying over the big birds! Over the ages,
this story to us is told.
The war between heavy weights, a war of wits, and words.
The Rock spoke- “Rock- solid I stand, you are but air Turn
back, you’ll fail, the likes of you I do not fear.
Blow hot, blow old, go on, keep trying;
I shall stand like a monument, I have strength divine”. The
Wind whispered- “Do not give yourself airs for that is all
mine, bow down, lie low, for you will never stand the test of
time. You will falter, fall, whither and erode
Into grains of sand will turn this fortress of yours".
From generation to generation this story was passed on
This tale of a fierce duel of strength and character.
The birds whispered; the mighty winds howled
and the indomitable rock scowled.
Such is the tale of this land
Set in stone, we see, as above it we stand. 



Hidden Portraits

A Poem by Rubina Anjum

The Phoenix rises in the fire scars
Comes along the unicorn borrowing the gold for
its horn
Imagined musings of the mind
The scars also reveal creatures of all kind
Blended in like a puzzle, challenging you to find
The image painted close to reality,
Yet, out pop creatures of sky and sea.




A Poem by Rubina Anjum


The hardworking creative spirit, will awaken a wonderous world
Turning wheels of labor into winds of freedom & fantasy
Creating visual harmony fit for a ceremony
A joyous celebration of swirling forms reaching for the divine
Colors rhyme and winds chime
Churning, clicking time into eternal and infinite pantomime



Laurentian Shields

A Poem by Rubina Anjum

I am the base and the bedrock.
I am the aftermath of the glacial Phase.
I have been eroded by wind and ice
I am an ancient giant that covers half of Canada.
I stretch across for 3 million square miles.
Yet my ancient remains still help to hold up the continent.
I am covered with boreal forests and numerous lakes.
I am rich with gold, silver, coal and nickel.
I am faithful, not fickle.