Artist's Statement

For the Planet Earth Series

The Planet Earth series aims to celebrate the beauty of the earth from space and to demonstrate alternate ways to view and engage in the world. The concept is the creation of artwork that has been inspired by the satellite images of the earth taken from a distance of 270 to 300 miles above sea level.

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The landscapes fuel my imagination and induce adrenalin highs while summoning tremendous peace. The raw beauty of the planet emerges as a series of initially unrecognizable shapes and forms. The paintings present the earth on a grand scale where human impact is difficult to discern, but in some cases is most certainly there. The broad perspective allows the language of the landforms to surface. The earth communicates stories of events and inhabitants embedded in reality and fantasy: shapes of animals dance in fire scars, wind blows patterns in the sand, and sediment fans out in intricate arteries.
The artistic style employed is realism with blends of impressionism and expressionism. In appearance and form my art looks mostly contemporary. In addition to using traditional and old masters techniques for oil and canvas, I fuse watercolor and oil painting techniques. I have written poetry for some of the paintings as a way to communicate stories that the images have inspired in me. The subject matter is what very few contemporary artists have attempted; thus in its content, scope and rendering it may be a completely new idea in the art world. The landscapes have elevated and inspired me; I hope the paintings arouse similar emotions in those who view my artwork.

Rubina Anjum

Artists/Art Educator/Social Entrepreneur

Rubina Anjum is a visual artist based in Austin, TX. She aims to use art to communicate her awe of the beauty of the natural world. She works extensively with watercolors and oil paints. She is currently devoted to the completion of a series of large scale oil paintings rendering the surface of the Earth from space. The Planet Earth Series is inspired by images taken from the Landsat7 satellite of the US Geological Survey.

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