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Artist-in-Residence: Rubina Anjum

Meet our Artist-in-Residence: Rubina Anjum

Article from Austin-Bergstrom international airport Newsletter 

" Say hello to our airport’s Artist-in-Residence, Rubina Anjum. Rubina has been coming to AUS for the past few months to work on artwork that we will proudly display once complete, and we couldn’t wait to share her story with our readers.
Anjum considers herself a true Austinite, having lived in Austin for over 25 years. She says she identifies with Austin's weirdness, which her overactive imagination can show on canvas. Anjum believes that art displays in the airport environment provide travelers beauty and food for thought. She wants her art to achieve two main goals: provide a window into the art-making process and offer some stress relief to everyone passing through the airport.

One piece she is currently creating is called the Austin Airport to the Universe and Beyond (pictured above). Her inspiration comes from satellite imagery from the Hubble and James Webb Space telescopes, as she believes AUS will soon be flying to the universe and beyond.
“I feel connected to the universe in more than one way,” Rubina said. “First, we all live in the universe and secondly, the visuals from the satellite imagery are so fascinating, they trigger my imagination and allow me to wonder and immerse myself through Astral-projection traveling through space amongst fantastic galaxies, exoplanets, star clusters, and nebulae. This experience is very uplifting, therapeutic, and joyous. By virtue of putting my vision on canvas, I am hoping to share some of the wonder and benefits of this connection to the universe with the viewers.”
Anjum says creating art is therapeutic for her and brings a great sense of self-actualization. She hopes that sharing her art with the airport community will improve their experience at AUS.

“I am super thrilled about creating art which is specific to the Austin airport and ties in the big idea of AUS reaching for the universe. It is a pleasure to collaborate with the Arts program at AUS Airport as it is mutually beneficial.”
Take a look at her artwork on monitors near checkpoint 2 East and in the hold rooms for gates 1 -12."



Artfully Yours,
Rubina Anjum

Rubina Anjum
Visual Artist, Social Entrepreneur, Art Educator.
Website:    www.rubinaart.gallery
E-mail:       rubina@rubinaart.gallery
Phone:       512-786-2898
Address:    2103 Tillery St Unit A,  Austin, TX 78723