Good & Evil

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Good and evil are not like black and white,
most of the time grey sprays the pathways.
A tug of war ensues between the two.
The delicate balance of adopting good and avoiding evil.
Moral laws encoded by civilization
or insights of a thoughtful self disciplining being.
We try to adopt good but get lured in by the evil.
Also at times blurry can be the lines dividing them. 
What's good in one culture may be evil in another.
Once society sets the bars, the choice has real consequences.
Evil can pull us downwards and derail us,
good can uplift and grant us wings.
Darkness surrounds evil, while good enlightens.
Evil entangles with its tentacles, creating webs difficult to escape.
good takes us on flights of freedom, a spiritual journey into outer space.
Both good and evil have the capability of ripple effects,
they both influence their environment and heal or corrupt;
Let us choose well as our fate the choice will spell.