Fall 2020

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‘FALL 2020’
By Rubina Anjum
Abstract Expressionism
Watercolor on Paper: 12” x 18”
FALL 2020- 'Thoughts' by Rubina
Today is September 22 which is officially the first day of fall. I have some questions for you.
Are you ready for it? What kind of meaning does the change in seasons have for you?
The seasons help us make sense of the passage of time they divide the year to aid our memory.
The colors associated with fall or autumn are mostly rust, orange, yellows and browns.
Autumn is the transition from warmth to coolness from fullness to restriction, from bounty to harvest, from growth to collecting and rationing. The spring of 2020 brought the onslaught of COVID -19 with its life-altering effects. The summer did not give us the opportunity to prosper and flourish; now we have fall on our doorsteps. It may be that you have no harvest to reap now, however you may have just a little time during autumn to work and collect its
rewards that will sustain you through the winter.
This pandemic has made it a tremendously challenging period for all of us. Some of us have adjusted to the new way of life and are learning to make the best of what they have. There are others who are not coping so well and are suffering. I urge everyone to look at the bright side and count their blessings.
Let us make use of whatever opportunities and faculties we have and strive to better ourselves and our lives. 

Fall is upon us and it may seem that we have been cheated of so much time this year. So many doors close but then so many opened up. We learned to value our loved ones and our time with them so much more. We got the opportunity to look inwards and discover ourselves. We developed skills that made us better. We have learned that the actions of a few people end up having global consequences confirming the fact that we live in an interdependent world. We must choose our actions carefully or else we can cause global disasters. The viruses, the hurricanes, the floods, the heat the fires are being set into motion by our actions. We must choose to act wisely for the sake of our survival and the survival of this beautiful planet that grants us seasons. Seasons that come with opportunities to make amends and start anew.
Rubina Anjum